Introduction to Engineering Design

This course was an introductory course that taught us some of the methods necessary in order to design products and become familiar with the engineering world.

Design Projects

  • Soldering Iron Design

    (Project Report) (Function Block Design)

  • A partner project in which we had to research and choose components for a soldering iron and design a program using Agilent VEE to control the temperature within the guidelines that we were given.

  • Speaker Design

  • Worked with speaker wire, magnets and some other various components such as paper cups from the cafeteria to design and build a speaker system that would work. We successfully created a transmitter that worked well with the receiver pieces created by other groups.

  • Strain Gauge Design

  • We used a strain gauge along with other components and a metal bar to create a strain gauge scale that would allow us to determine the weight of masses placed on the system based on the strain put on the metal bar. This was designed along with an Agilent VEE program to do the calculations in order to determine the weight.